DIY - Helping Your Local Community

Here is some advice from our Founder and some of her experiences whilst helping her local community

Evangelism Anecdotes

By Sotu Riebelle

So It all began, on December 2018 a couple days before Christmas. I met a lovely soul who was unfortunately homeless and I was so convicted to speak to him, I do give change to people that need it from time to time but, I have never spoken to the person on the receiving end. Never treated them like a human being, God’s creation. It’s very sad looking back at it.

So we spoke in depth and he wanted to come to church, arrangements were made for me to come get him the following day.

I got home later on and the Holy Spirit said fast. Fast over your invitation. I said Huh ? Look at me, a mere human being questioning the Spirit of God. The one who birthed knowledge, The omniscience God. Yeah I didn’t fast. I went to London Bridge the morning to go get him, He wasn’t there. The enemy struck, I allowed the enemy to do what he does best: Steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). I was so disappointed.

January 29/2019 God told me in a dream to start a charity that spreads the love of God to the Homeless. The dream was so clear and detailed, I don’t really like the term ‘homeless’ so I asked God for a name and standard was birthed.

So standard officially became active in June 01/06/2019 and God has made a way with provision, support and many other things. So grateful for all those that have taken it upon them to pray, support and even share.

The most beautiful encounter: a man approached us asking for £2.75. Stephanie has coins but she said she only has £1.55 ( I can assure you that she’s very accurate with her money) she opened her purse there was an extra pound, the man turned out to have 20p His £2.75 for the hostel was complete. Isn’t God amazing ?

I’m not sharing this to boast for I can not do this without the father. I have nothing to give, what I share is what I have received from above. I share as witness of what God can do, is doing when you allow him.