Here are some ways you can help:


Donations are one of the most popular methods of help. Donated money goes towards helping us to do more for the homeless in the UK such as providing for the care packs that we give out on our walks, paying for hostels, purchasing Bibles and much more.


Join Our Walks

If you have the time and the means then join us on one of our walks. We encounter and help so many people, supporting them in anyway we can whether that be through prayer or providing them with something they need.


Become a Volunteer

Do even more by becoming a volunteer for the charity. We always appreciate new faces and talent joining the battle against homelessness. Become a volunteer for Standard so that we are able to grow and help more people in need.


Help Your Local Area

One vital method of help is to assist the people in your own town or city. Preach the Gospel to them, speak to them, listen to their stories, share the love of Christ and support them in anyway you can. Sometimes the littlest things mean the most.